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Use your health benefits before they expire

Most health fund entitlements finish on December 31. If you don't use your benefits by then you lose them.

Want to learn about smarter ways to use your optical benefits?

In our increasingly digital world, one solution is not always going to work adequately throughout the day. We can tailor a solution specific to your needs and help you maximize your optical benefit.

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Some smart ways to use your optical benefits include:




Digital Eyewear

If you spend long periods on digital devices and suffer from tired, sore eyes we have new technology lenses that can help relieve the symptoms. Special coatings such as Hoya Blue Control, filter out blue light resulting in more comfortable vision.

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  • Hoya blue light control coating
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  • image of people wearing eyezen lenses.
  • man in a suit with a coffee wearing sunglasses
  • image of a surfer wearing bolle sunglasses
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  • image ray band sunglasses




Prescription Sunglasses

With summer around the corner now is the time to consider prescription sunglasses. With our new digital lens technology we can now fit prescription lenses into a large range of sunglass shapes and sizes. As well as feeling more relaxed, sunglasses protect the eyes from UV rays which can cause sun damage to the front of the eyes and lead to premature cataracts. If you spend a lot of time near water or want the ultimate in glare protection ask us about polarised lenses.




contact lenses

Whether it is every day, on the weekend or just for special occasions, modern contact lenses provide clear and comfortable vision all day long. Contacts are not just for distance vision. Multifocal contact lenses can help correct near vision problems. Available in daily, fortnightly and monthly replacement, there is a lens which will suit your needs. If you are interested in contact lenses, make an appointment for a free comfort trial. We have a contact lens fitting and lesn package available for first time wearers who would like to proceed with contact lenses.

  • inserting a contact lens
  • image of total dailies 1 contact lenses
  • image of multifocal contact lenses
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  • Tom ford glasses
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Reading glasses

Multifocal wearers love the freedom of having one pair of glasses for both distance and near. A dedicated pair of reading glasses for prolonged reading or working on your favourite hobby can provide more comfortable vision and is especially useful if you like reading in bed




A different look, or additional pair

You don't always wear the same shoes every day so why not change your look with a spare pair of glasses. Sometimes its nice to have a bolder pair for the weekend and something more corporate for during the week. Having a back up pair just in case is always a good idea.

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  • image of various people wearing glasses
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  • oakley glasses
  • adidas sports glasses
  • image of various person wearing bolle prescription sunglasses
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Sports Eyewear

Sports eyewear is specifically designed to enhance your vision as well as protect your eyes for UV rays and injury. The unique designs help keep the glasses where they should be while you are playing sports. Whether it's for golf, cycling or a more adrenaline packed activity we can tailor a solution to your needs.