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Lens Technology

One size doesn't fit all

We realize that everyone has different needs and expectations. That is why our policy is to source our lenses from a wide range of manufactures so that we can choose the right lens for you. We have qualified dispensing staff that understand the technology behind each lens and are here to help you choose the right lens.

Carl Zeiss

carl zeiss logo

As well as manufacturing camera lenses and a wide range of medical equipment Carl Zeiss has a large range of opthalmic lenses. They are particularly known for the quality of their multifocal lens technology and coatings.

Cr Surfacing

cr surfacing logo

Cr Surfacing is a family owned business that manufactures locally in Melbourne. Using the latest German Free Form Technology they provide a wide range of premium lens technology. They are one of the largest independent manufacturers in Australia.


essilor lens logo

Essilor and their affiliate City Optical are the worlds largest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses. Essilor invests heavily in research and was the first manufacturer to produce multifocal lenses.


hoya lens

Hoya Lens is a Japanese ophthalmic company which is renowned for producing high quality lenses and anti-reflective coatings. Until recently Hoya also owned Pentax cameras.

Anti-reflective Coatings

Lenses make us see better by adjusting or bending the rays of light. A by product of this is that lenses cause reflections. Anti-reflective coatings are a complex multilayer coating on the lens which reduces reflections and glare and also improves vision. They are particularly useful in the office environment.

New Multifocal Technologies

Multifocal technology has improved significantly over the last 10 years. Tradition multifocal lenses had the design pre molded on to the front surface of the lens. The prescription was then added to the back.

Free form technology now incorporates the prescription and design on to the lens during manufacturing. This allows us to customize the design to your eyes characteristics. The benefit of this is clearer vision, less distortions and easier adaptation.

At Eyes On Optometrists we only use the newer technology lens designs.