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Blue light protection: Prevencia Lens Coating

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Protects the eyes from UV and Blue-Violet light

Improves comfort and reduces eyestrain on computers and smart phones

Everyday our eyes are exposed to UV rays which are absorbed by the cornea and lens of the eye. Long term exposure is a know cause of cataracts. Research by the Paris Vision Institute has also shown that blue-violet light penetrates the eye and effects the health of the retina. It has been implicated in the development of macula degeneration.

Spectrum of good and bad light.

Sources of blue-violet light include sunlight, LED lighting, computers, smart phones and TV's. Not all blue light is bad for us. Blue-turquoise light is essential for our health as it helps maintain our Circadian rhythms (sleep/wake patterns).

The Crizal Prevencia coating selectively filters out UV rays and blue-violet light while allowing other wavelengths of blue through. As well as protecting the eyes, it has also been found to improve comfort and reduced eyestrain when using computers and electronic devices.

Diagram of how th crizal provencia lens reflects light