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Systane Balance

Choosing the correct eye drop can be daunting with so many options available. Most dry eye drops simply replace tears. While these drops work well if your dry eye is caused by a lack of tears they are less effective if you suffer from increase tear evaporation. Increased evaporation is often caused by a dysfunction of the meibomiam glands which provide the lipid (oil) layer of the tears. The lipid layer is vital as it reduces the rate at which the tears evaporate. SYSTANE BALANCE Lubricating Drop are somewhat unique in that it is designed to help reduce the level of tear evaporation. Before choosing a drop it is always recommended that you have an eye examination to determine the appropriate treatment. Our Eyes on Optometrist have many years of experience in the diagnosis and management of dry eye. For further information follow the link: Systane Balance

Hylo Dry Eye Products

Frequent use of dry eye drops can over time cause sensitivity to the preservatives in the bottle. This results in redness and irritation. AFT Pharmaceuticals has recently launched a new preservative free bottle which can be used for up to 6 months. The special delivery system allows a measured dose to the eye while preventing contamination of the solution. Each bottle is designed to deliver of 300 doses. The product comes in two forms: Hylo-Fresh: For mild to moderate Dry Eye Hylo-Forte: For severe or chronic Dry Eye. These products are currently available through PBS for patients with severe dry eye and known sensitivities to preservatives.