Professional Independent Optometry


image of macula degeneration of the retina

We have included a number of animations to help you understand the most common vision problems. Please be patient, these files are large and can take a short time to load.

Long sightedness (Hyperopia)

If you experience eye strain with close work or have difficulties seeing near objects you may have long sightedness. Longsighted people generally have trouble up close but can see well in the distance. This is due to the eye not having enough strength to clearly focus images on the back of the eye.

Short Sightedness (Myopia)

People with short sightedness generally can see well up close but have difficulties seeing in the distance. Short sightedness develops when the focusing system of the eye becomes too powerful.


People with astigmatism will often experience blurry vision at both distance and near. This occurs when the front of the eye (cornea) becomes oval in shape.

Reading Problems after 40 (Presbyopia)

Over time our eye naturally looses focusing ability. It starts at a very early age but generally does not become noticeable until mid 40. With time it becomes more difficult to read fine print especially when it is held close to the eye.